Monday, July 06, 2009

It's still pouring

During the pre-op testing and registration, the nurse tells me that I need to stop taking the ibuprofen and naproxen.

"What do you propose I take for this excruciating toothache and for my cramps from hell??"

"You can take Tylenol."

"And if Tylenol doesn't work for me? Am I just supposed to suffer?"

"You could call and ask the dentist or your gyne for some Tylenol 3."

I just look at the woman and think, am I talking to myself here? Didn't I just say that Tylenol doesn't work? Just cuz it has some codeine in it, doesn't change the fact that the main ingredient is friggan Tylenol.

And still it pours some more....

After the pre-op testing, I get in the car and call my dentist.

"I'm sorry, he no longer takes Medicaid."

"What?!? I just saw the guy."

"As of June 30th, he no longer accepts your insurance. I can have him call in a prescription for the pain until you can find another dentist though."

"No thanks, I'll just suffer. Apparently that is what the gods are demanding I do and far be it for me to interrupt their plans."

Life is just a series of very, very cruel jokes. I'm sorry, but I for one am not laughing.


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