Sunday, November 15, 2009

They will not win the war

"The crux of psychiatry & psychology is that they both view the subjective world of supposed insanity through the misperception of objectivity. - The Mass Defective"

With that one sentence, I think I've finally given voice to exactly how I feel about the whole mental health establishment and all the hypocrisy that exists within it. These are not exact sciences despite what the proponents would like the masses to believe. They are built on an extremely splintered foundation of theories and hypotheses, with a minuscule portion of the cracks having been cemented shut with solid evidence.

Psychiatry is all about control and psychology is about manipulation, thus allowing no room for opposition. Because I refuse to blindly follow along and submit to their conjecture (the constant accusation of being willful instead of willing is clear proof of that), I'm labeled a difficult patient and given the scarlet letter of diagnoses, Borderline Personality Disorder. I feel as if all my questioning is rattling the shaky foundation upon which their belief system about mental health/illness rests and they are scared to death that I'm going to force it to crumbled if it turns out I'm actually right about my situation.

Yet the manipulation has taken root in my head to the point that I cannot extricate myself from this flawed system where all my thoughts are seen as wrong and distorted, where I'm viewed as less intelligent with no insight. Treated as less than human.

They may have won this battle, but they will not win the war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent on you. It's your head thus your battle to win. Screw them. The labels, the shoulds, the "musts", the "experts", and the ever=present peers that are "only here to help you".

Blah-your head and body-your rules.

8:40 PM, November 19, 2009  

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