Monday, March 26, 2012

Crawling slowly by

In hopes of getting the creative juices flowing again, I've decided to sign up for WEGO's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge of 30 posts in 30 days starting April 1st. It's been a long time since I've written daily, but luckily they will provide prompts so hopefully that will bring ideas into my brain dead skull.

Life is crawling slowly by as I spend most days staring at the tv, barely moving. There's still no desire, no interest, in interacting with the outside world. I don't even go on my computer very often. Most weeks, I barely make it out of the house twice. If it's a good week I might get out 3 times, but never more than that.

Last week I got out 3 times. Saw my pdoc on Monday, went to a NAMI meeting on Wednesday and on Saturday I went to see The Hunger Games with my daughter & her best friend. This week I will be out of the house at least twice. I saw my therapist today and later tonight I have another NAMI meeting. Tomorrow I'm having coffee with the ACLU to discuss LGBT Rights & Marriage Equality, if I don't have a panic attack and stay home instead. I don't support the ACLU on everything they do, which is why I'd never become a card carrying member, but I do support some of the things they fight for, like LGBT rights.

As for The Hunger Games, as usual the book was much better, but they did a fairly respectable job turning it into a screen play. So much of the beginning of the book was spent developing many of the characters and the district, but since there wasn't enough time to do that in the movie, they focused on just the main characters. There are a couple of parts where you think, hey..that didn't happen in the book, or that happened a different way in the book. I think the worst thing about the movie was hiring Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I know he's supposed to be in love with Kat, but he just came across as a pansy most of the time. I recommend reading the book before seeing the movie. Things will make a whole lot more sense.


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