Thursday, May 03, 2012

Just be blasé

Got a letter in the mail today and I'm not sure if I should freak, be thankful or just be blasé about it. The letter says:

Your bilateral mammogram performed on April 30th shows the need for further evaluation. Please contact your physician's office and discuss your results with them.

I knew something wasn't quite right when the technician took a third film of my left breast, something they have never done before, it's usually two on each side.

I do have an appointment to see my doctor on Tuesday, so this should be a fun visit. I hadn't even given any thought that they might find something from the mammogram. I've been more focused on the x-rays that were taken of my lower back and hoping whatever is causing the pain will be treatable with injections and/or physical therapy.

I haven't told my daughter about the letter because 1) I don't want her to needlessly worry, especially if it turns out to be benign and 2) she has her last final of the school year tomorrow and she needs to focus on that. I've had a benign lump in my right breast years ago that I had removed and everything was copacetic, so I'm hoping this is the same type of thing. Of course if it's not...I have a lot to think about.


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