Monday, April 16, 2012

All kinds of rude

Had a rather productive day today, and by that I mean I didn't just sit on my ass all day in front of the tv. Went to see the T, which is always a 2 hour adventure...1 hour with her and another hour for driving there & back. After that I finished the kiddie's taxes and prepared the information we'll need to have on hand for her 2012 taxes. I also balanced my checkbook.

Now if I were to tell my T about the things I did today, she'd ask me if I felt good about it. That seems to be her question for everything I do, especially since I do so little. How could balancing your checking account be fulfilling? It's a chore that needs to be done. I certainly don't enjoy doing taxes, I don't know anyone that finds it fun, but again, it's something that needs to be done. Sure I can opt to not do these things, but it's easier to do them now than deal with the stress of the the financial ramifications later on.

Today I mentioned to the T about my older sister stopping by the house last weekend. Told her about how I said a brief hello and went back to cleaning. I explained how I believe that since she chose to leave my life, she doesn't get to decide when or if she's allowed back in, that's my call. My T's predictable response? "Do you want her back in your life?" (no) and "Is there anything she could say that would make you change your mind?" (no). She said plenty in her final email to me and those words spoke volumes.

I was surprised when the T asked if I'd told my younger sister about the other one stopping by. I have never, nor would I ever, put anyone in the middle of a disagreement I'm having with someone else. That's all kinds of rude and unfair to make them take sides or put them in a position where they feel they have to mediate the problem. This is an issue between me and my older sister, I'm not dragging anyone else into it, not even the brother I'm also not talking to for pretty much the same reasons.

I wish people that know me, or at least claim to, would realize that I don't do things "like everyone else". If a majority of people are doing whatever everyone else is, I'm usually choosing to do things the right way, or rather the way society kind of expects things to be handled in a judicious way even though most people don't bother. I didn't beat my child and claim it was because that's what I learned growing up. I didn't bash my ex in front of our daughter because my problems with him didn't include our child and I refused to make her a pawn in our divorce. Yes, I know that I'm in the minority when it comes to stuff like that, but you know what? I'm damn proud of it.


Blogger The Angry Medic said...

Wow. First visit here but I can tell you have a lot going on in your life. Know that just because people don't comment doesn't mean they don't read, or that they don't admire you for the courage and strength you have.

It's easy to forget when no one comments, believe me I know. But keep soldiering on. You'll be a better person for it.

1:20 AM, April 24, 2012  

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