Friday, August 23, 2013


I'm really struggling to adjust to living in my new apartment. When I met with my case worker here yesterday, she asked if I wanted to explore my options for moving out and for a good 30 seconds I actually thought of saying yes. But I have no where else to go, except back to my parent's house and that's the last place I want to be. Plus it was such a headache to move in, I don't want that to have all been for naught.

On top of my ever increasing depression, the financial stress of living here is starting to get to me, especially after I received my letter from Medicaid Tuesday. I knew one was eventually coming, but I still wasn't prepared and I certainly wasn't prepared for there to be a mistake on it. As of September 1st, the letter says I'm no longer eligible for Medicaid, which isn't true.

Instead of instantly panicking (which was a huge surprise to me that I didn't), I managed to hold it together and fly out to the DHS office before they closed to find out what was going on. Someone mistakenly changed my case from being one that was for a disabled person to a family care plan. My daughter did have Medicaid for awhile, but she had her own case and when she aged out of the system a couple of years ago, we received a letter saying that her case was being closed. Now they're saying I don't qualify because I don't have an eligible child, even though my child was never listed on my case to begin with. 

So now I have to reapply for benefits, but either way, I'm going to have approximately a $500 spenddown before they'll pay anything because I supposedly make too much money from Social Security (ha, ha, that's such a joke). Just how poor do they want us to be? I'm disabled and can't work, but without the medical care, I can't get better to get a job. If they think I should have a $500 spend down, they're obviously not taking into account the cost of living, outside of the average 30% for housing. What about food, transportation, clothing? I'm just lucky I don't have to pay for any utilities except my phone or I'd be really screwed. The whole system is just FUBAR.


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