Sunday, August 29, 2004

Not feeling any better

Still not feeling any better today, guess it was just wishful thinking that I would. Feels like I'm getting the flu or something. The worst part is the nausea. If I could just throw up already I think I'd feel a lot better. Reminds me of the "morning sickness" I had when I was preggers, except it wasn't reserved for the morning, I felt nauseous 24 hrs a day. But there's no way I'm pregnant now unless it's immaculate conception.

The ex came and picked up his daughter this morning. Thank gawd for that. She needs to spend time with her daddy, needs to maintain that bond with him. I have to say, I am thankful she lives with me. She is so much like her father that the two of them argue quite a bit, they always have. Think both of them being strong-willed and somewhat opinionated is what makes them clash. They each have their ways of doing certain things and their own ideas on certain subjects, and neither one is willing to adjust their position, or so they make it seem to each other.

My daughter is very open to new ideas and opinions, except when it comes to daddy. Probably because he digs his heels in and maintains his position and will not waiver. Think that makes the kidlet do the same. At times it can be amusing to watch, yet other times it's very frustrating.

I'm just glad I have a very open line of communication with her myself. She knows she can ask or talk to me about anything and she often does. She likes to talk, likes to ask questions and I encourage her to do it. I refuse to tell her to shut up, even if she's talking about something I don't really want to listen to. I was always told to shut up as a kid, taught that my opinion didn't matter. I want her to know that her voice, her opinion does matter in the world.


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