Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No call back

Day 2 and still no call back from my pdoc's office. Should I take that as a hint or should I call them back again? I really fucking hate people that don't return phone calls. Wouldn't have called if I didn't need something...sheesh.

The NAMI meeting was ok. I'm strangely attracted to one of the guys there. Think it's more of a lonely and desperate for sex attraction tho. Other than being mentally ill, I doubt we'd have anything in common. He seems like far too much of a mama's boy for my taste. I'm tempted to flirt with him though. He's probably as lonely as me & could use some sex to release all that pent up anxiety.

I have no problem using men solely for sex. I know they do it to women all the time, why should they get to have all the fun and none of the commitment?? Of course it's acceptable for guys to be horndogs...when women do it, we're called promiscuous or whores or other derogatory names. Oh well, let them call me what they will. I see nothing wrong with having your sexual appetite filled.

27 days til D-day


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