Wednesday, March 16, 2005

CRS is a bitch

Since I suffer from a severe case of CRS (short for Can't Remember Shit!) I've taken to keeping a notebook handy at all times to write things down that I'll need to remember later. At 2 am, as I sat playing pyramids on Yahoo (yes, I'm still a pyramids junkie) I was thinking about the website I'm trying to design and some major concerns about the whole project came to mind. So I broke out my notepad & pen and wrote them down...

1) How can I guarantee that the stories and pictures I receive are valid? What if someone wants to get even with someone else so they fabricate a story about them being mentally ill and sends that with the other person's photo for me to post on the site?

2) What if someone gets fired or is subject to some kind of retribution because their photo and a story appears on the website, especially if the information I've posted unbeknownced to me is fake, but even if it's true?

I really don't want to have to contact a lawyer just to do this dang thing. I know I could put a disclaimer on there and make people agree to certain rules before I'll post anything, but I'm not sure if that would be enough. I know a little bit about hold harmless agreements from working at a mail order company, but I know it wouldn't apply to someone else whose picture was falsely submitted.

GRRRR...I'm glad I thought of these questions, but these are issues I'm not sure how to tackle. Guess before I proceed any further in design, I'd best figure these potential legal problems out.


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