Sunday, March 27, 2005

What a waste

What a waste of a bottle of wine. I drank the whole thing fairly fast, and had all of about half an hour of the intoxicated feeling. It's not like it was even some cheap ass wine either. I'm not in to drinking the cheap shit. I can taste the difference. How could I not have been completely bombed? I haven't gotten drunk in quite awhile. Isn't it common for people to have a lower tolerance the less they drink?? My body is one fucking screwy piece of work, I tell ya.

I was extremely irate before, when I first started drinking, because my thoughts had turned to the ex & the woman he left me for. Kept wondering how it is that she can still be so bitter about her ex cheating on her, and this happened I think at least 5 yrs ago, but yet she had no problems being the other woman in a relationship with my husband. It's not like she didn't know we were married. I knew her before my ex did. But that anger has since passed. It's more of a dumbfoundment now. She's not the only person I've seen this behaviour in. Being someone that's been cheated on themselves, yet has gone on to become involved with someone that is married. I will never understand it.

But anyway, I achieved the goal I was trying to reach by drinking. The anxiety is gone and has been since I finished the first glass. I had a reasonably good time chatting it up with some old friends on aohell, a place I haven't been frequenting as much as I have in the past. But now that the alcohol seems pretty much gone from my system I'm gonna take my meds & pass out. My sis & her family are supposed to be coming over later today for Easter dinner.


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