Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Close to brain dead

The lack of sleep has left me pretty much brain dead. Never did get any sleep last night or this morning, or whatever. Tired as fuck right now but I have a couple of things to do before I can get to bed. Most important is taking the Seroquel. In 15 mins I'm taking the first half and then in about 30 mins when it has begun to kick in I'll take the other half and climb into bed.

Managed to do some cleaning today since I had a lot of nervous energy and couldn't function well enough to really do anything else. Just dusted and vacuumed the family room, but it's a start. Got to have the house spotless by next Thursday before we head off to Indiana. I'll never understand why I have so much energy when I haven't slept, it's baffling. I'm literally yawning all day, but my head and body don't want to stop moving.

I just realized today that in addition to this orientation for the fundraiser on Saturday, I had a previous engagement that I hadn't written on the calendar. In connection with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, the guys that run our NAMI group will be at the library where we hold our meetings to offer information about mental illness and to make people aware of the support group. I was going to help out, though I'm not sure if many people will be showing up. Weather's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend and I think that'll keep people outside and away from the library. Guess I could just swing by and see if they do need any help.

The ex never called about getting together, so I'm putting that whole crap out of my mind. I do need to call the lawyer about the bankruptcy, which I'm hoping to do tomorrow. So I'll need to be calling the ex to let him know what info I get. I'll also need to get his financial information and the outstanding bills I'd given him when he was gonna handle all this but never did. I'm curious to find out how much debt he racked up after we split. Originally when he left he told me his parents were helping him pay for an apartment. LIE. He got a loan of 2 grand from our credit union. Wonder what other lies I'll uncover as we go thru this process.

GRRRRRRRR..Stop it Sid! Thinking about all this is only going to piss you off and then you'll never get to sleep even with the pill!!

OK, can't think of anything else to write about tonight. Just drew a complete blank. Time to start pill popping.


Blogger borderline savvy said...

I'm glad you are looking realistically at your ex and his lies. I think that is a good lesson for both of us.

I hope you get some good rest.


11:20 PM, May 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure I left you a message yesterday but it isnt here anymore.Are you able to erase your messages.Well just in case I guess I wont repeat it.
Anyway,Ill send you a donation for that deal if you leave an addresso.k?Billy

12:22 AM, May 06, 2005  
Blogger The Mass Defective said...

I do have the ability to delete messages, but I only do so if for some reason one gets duplicated as has happened a few times in the past. So if you posted anything yesterday Billy, it didn't come thru, it got lost in Blogger Wasteland.

The good thing about the walk is that donations can be made online. If I join I'll have a profile on their site and donations can be made there. If people don't have a credit card, there is a form that can be printed out to mail in a donation. They've tried to cover all the bases it seems. We'll see if I join in after Saturday.

12:51 AM, May 06, 2005  

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