Monday, May 02, 2005

Crappy, crappier, crappiest

I had a crappy visit with Ms. N today and I almost walked out on her. Had an even crappier ride home because all I could focus on was hurting myself and what I would do when I got home. And I seem to be offering the crappiest advice to others lately. So fuck me for trying to do anything because it all comes back to that proverbial slap in the face. Wish someone would physically abuse me, that would hurt a hell of a lot less.


Blogger borderline savvy said...


I'm sorry your time with your T was so bad, but that doesn't make you bad. You aren't bad, you are good, very good. And your advise to me has always been very good, something I don't know what I'd do without. Please don't hurt yourself, Sid. Now is the time to nurture and take care of yourself. I'm sorry that you are in so much pain, but please don't take it out on yourself. I hope you took some Seroquel and went to bed without harming yourself.

Take good care of my friend, ((((((((Sid)))))))).

12:06 PM, May 03, 2005  

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