Friday, May 06, 2005

Doesn't pay to sleep

Felt almost as crappy after getting some sleep as I did without it. The downside to the Seroquel for me is the freaky, vivid dreams it brings on when I'm at 200 or plus mgs. Woke up twice in the middle of the night, first time because I was tossing & turning so badly in response to a dream I was tangled in my blanket. The second time I woke up in a sweat from a dream. I usually remember the dreams for a brief while after I've woken up. Think maybe I'll put a pad of paper next to my bed so I can write some of them down.

Yesterday was salon day. The kiddie & I went together of course. My greyness is now covered and my bangs aren't overgrown into my eyes anymore. The kiddie is happy with her new do & highlights. She has A LOT of hair that's wavy & curly like mine. We had them thin it out so it'll be easier for her to care for it. She said her head feels a lot lighter. She also styled it differently and she looks too cute. If I could figure out how to post pics on this thing I'd put one of the two of us up. Maybe I'll figure that out one day when I'm bored.

I got a brief glimpse of the new boyfriend yesterday after school. He just got his hair done as well, dyed the tips of the top a bright red color. They'll look cute together cuz her highlights are red. He's Asian, think she said primarily Chinese. Couldn't see him that well cuz he was off in the distance, but he was pretty good looking from what I could tell. Supposedly I may meet him next week at the kiddie's orchestra concert because his sister has a duet in it and she said his mom will probably make him go.

I was caught in my "death stare" today. Really freaks people out because there is such a blank look to my eyes that I've been told it makes me look as if I'm dead. I'd love to have someone photograph it so I could see. I am slightly aware when I'm doing it though. It starts as I begin to slip into dissociation. If I'm aware enough I can pull myself out before I get completely lost in my head. But more often than not I have to wait until someone or something snaps me back to reality. Just more of my strangeness.

Feels like I'm topic hopping. My brain is all over the place again this morning. Suppose I should take the Seroquel & hop in bed. Not too worried about staying up awhile longer though. Don't have to be up later to take the kiddie to school since she has the day off. Think I'll do see if any of my buddies are on aohell.


Blogger borderline savvy said...

There is a place on Blogger that has links to programs that you can use to put up photos on. They scroll down the page as you write more, and eventually are off the page. One of the programs is called Hello. It and the other one are specifically for posting photos on blogs. When you have time, like you said, you can pursue it. That would be great, because I'd love a picture of the two of you!

6:37 PM, May 06, 2005  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Get some rest, Sid. You need it.

Lack of sleep does not do good things for the unsettled mind.

Take care...
Polar Bear

1:24 AM, May 07, 2005  

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