Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Walked 2.5 miles today. All I need now is to multiply that by 8 and I'm all set for the walk. I could have walked longer, but I didn't think to bring water with and I was getting thirsty. I was also getting paranoid that I was being followed even though there wasn't anyone there. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the indoor track.

Saturday I may do a 4 mile practice walk with some of the people participating in the event. Finally get to meet someone, even if it isn't any of my own team members. I'd responded to a blog someone had put a link to on their fundraising page. This woman's 20 yr old sister committed suicide in March.

What I've noticed from looking at other fundraising pages, the ones that have pictures of people lost to suicide, is that in the pictures, these people have such bright smiles. They all look so amazingly happy on the outside, yet were probably harboring this terrible secret of pain on the inside when the picture was taken.

So many people associate depression and other mental illnesses with these monsters you hear about in the news. I really need to get working on my website. People really need to see the photos, read our stories. To see that we're just humans like everyone else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sid,

Your right,there is a steriotype when it comes to mental illness.People need to be more educated about it.Its very serious ,not something to be joked about,and if people would learn to understand it better they wouldnt have to be afraid.

Thanks for posting my blog,I really appreciate it.
Take care,Ill see ya.


10:56 PM, June 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very true ... people always say "I had no idea they felt like that" or something similar. That's because they were hiding it from everyone, stuffing it into that dark place inside until it became too much effort to keep it there.

Loved ones often seem to blame themselves (I wish I could have done something to help), then maybe they get depressed also ... it's like a contagious disease, spreading through misunderstanding and emotional blindness rather than a virus.

3:59 PM, June 16, 2005  

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