Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What's been up

Damn, I lost nearly a week of blogging. Let's see how much I can recall....

Friday - The kiddie & I spent the day wandering downtown on the hottest day of the year and the day the Taste of Chicago started. What the fuck were we thinking? I did find this really kewl skull salt & pepper shaker (click the link to view). Halloween being my favorite holiday, I just had to have it and the killer brew coffee cup which says bad to the last drop on the back & has a skull in the bottom of it. I'll use them all year round though. Also got some pirate band-aids that are black with skull & crossbones all over them and some dork candy. Yeah, I'm about the mental age of a 13 yr old.

Saturday - I know I was busy but I don't remember much. I remember I took the kiddie to the driving range to whack some balls. She giggles every time I say "let's whack some balls". We both suck at golf, so we'll leave that to all the white & uptight males that love the sport from now on. They didn't seem to appreciate our lack of talent & balls flying off in the wrong direction.

Sunday - Niece's b-day party. Another scorcher of a day, but it wasn't too bad. My brother & his wife are closet alcoholics so they had lots of booze which I helped myself to at least every half hour. Gotta go for the illusion of happy when I can, even if it is artificially induced.

Sometime between Sunday & Monday the kiddie managed to infect my computer with a dozen different spy programs that despite using a spyware removal program, kept popping up again half an hour after they were supposedly deleted. Finally I just ended up erasing my hard drive & restoring it back to original 1999 or 2000 purchase date state. Which meant I've been working since then to reinstall all the programs I lost and all the hardware that I lost use of. All I've managed to do is get reconnected to the internet, change all my passwords, re-download all the updates for Microsoft for the last 5-6 yrs and reinstall aohell.

I currently have no sound or printer still but hell, I can access cyberspace. A girl's gotta have her priorities. Of course now my keyboard is dying so I wonder if all the damn work was worth it. Maybe I should just buy a new damn computer.

Later today we're headed off to spend the day at the beach. My alarm is already set for 7:30 am and considering that's less than 5 hours away, I'm going to be missing my seroquel and stay up all night.

I've been forgetting my meds lately. In the last 7 days I think I've forgotten to take them 4 days. Maybe my subconscious is deliberately making me forget. Don't want to take the fucking things anyway. But I don't go out of my way to not take them, least not yet anyway. It's coming though. I can feel it. And yet again, I won't stop myself. I'll just crash.


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