Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lets see

Probably should update this fucking blog a little more often. It's not like I'm fucking doing anything important during the day. In fact today all I did was play game after boring game of Text Twist on yahoooooooo. Ok, that's not really all I did. I went to the park district and signed the kiddie up for private swim lessons. They aren't that much more expensive than the regular lessons but at least she'll be able to advance at her own pace. She starts tomorrow night, nothing like waiting til the last minute Sid ya fucking retard! I also got my prescriptions filled and did a bit of grocery shopping.

I went to my sister's house for several hours too. The original plan included swimming while it's still warm enough not to freeze your nips off when you step out of the pool. But it kinda looked like it was gonna rain by the time I got there so we just sat around talking while her kids terrorized each other with mud, crabapples, the hose, their feet, etc.

The problem with her kids is that the older one who's 7 is very jealous of her little sister who's 3. The older one has always been quiet and kind of shy and was well-behaved until her sister came along. Her sister is the kind of kid that has no fear...literally. And she's completely adorable and outspoken too. So I think the older one is acting out for attention and at the same time terrorizing her sister to "punish" her for being the one drawing attention away. The dynamic is certainly textbook material. If only their father would notice because of all the people paying more attention to her little sister, I think her father doing it is the one that is driving her bad behaviour. Anyway, it was good to talk to my sister again. She's about the only one I can talk non-stop with.

I've decided to stop taking the Nortriptyline. I just don't like the way it's making me feel. Plus it's making me crave sweets so I've been ballooning. Of course I will get the last refill to add to my stash just cuz that's what I do. So for now I'm only going to take the Zoloft and Seroquel. We'll see what happens.


Blogger Shannin said...

I do the same thing with meds...I have bottles without even a single pill missing. No one understands why I do it...my only explaination is "just in case"...of what, I am not sure. Now I just wish I could get some meds......hey, I have haldol...that's antipsychotic....that should stop the "intrusive thoughts", right? Dang, I forgot about that....see THIS is why I stash my meds. Look at all this brainstroming right here in your comments!

10:34 AM, September 14, 2005  

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