Monday, March 06, 2006

Ugh, I'm pissed

I'm REALLY pissed off today (as if that's something new). But this time I'm pissed off at a person I've never had a reason to be angry with until now and I don't know what to do. Someone that's always been reliable except this one time when I needed it most.

I was helping my nephew in Michigan with a homework assignment. He put together a booklet called a travel log. The object of the assignment was to send it off and have people from different parts of the world fill in a bit of info about where they live, then have them send a postcard to his school so each kid knows where their log has been traveling to. Once they filled out their info, they were then supposed to forward the booklet on to someone else. Originally my older sister sent it to my younger sister in November and she sat on it for about a month cuz she wasn't sure who to send it to next.

I opened my big mouth and offered to handle it because after chatting online for 10 years, I know people all over the US & the world. To keep track of where it was, I decided I'd send it to someone with not only a postage paid envelope so they could return the log back to me, but also with postage for the postcard to send to the school. This way I could get the log back and then forward it on to someone in another state or country. Keeping tabs on the thing the whole time.

The first person I sent it to was someone I've known in Texas for quite awhile, at least 9 years. That was back in January and she has yet to return it! I have repeatedly ask her to drop it in the mail to me, even if she doesn't send a postcard. I just really need the booklet back so I can forward it on. The last contact I had with her was an email I sent Feb 28th pleading with her to just drop it in any mailbox, that's all she has to do.

There's a feature on AOL that allows you to see if an email has been read or deleted if it's been sent to another AOL member. She has yet to read this email. It's like she's completely avoiding me. I just want the fucking booklet back. When I sent it to her I told her I needed the info filled out within a week and returned immediately. It's been nearly two fucking months now dammit.

I think I should tell my sister the thing got lost in the mail and see if my nephew can start a new booklet, but I feel awful about having to do that since I know it's a lie. I feel like I fucked up his whole project because I'm sure other kids have their books traveling all over and his has gotten nowhere.

Should of known better than get involved with this. Once again, the disastrous luck that follows me everywhere is glaring back at me. This time it's my little nephew getting screwed because of it. Think I'm going to get the worst aunt of the year award. No wonder my older sister stays away from me. She doesn't want my shitty luck rubbing off on her and her family.

Update....I wrote this post sometime after midnight. Well it's now 4:30 pm and guess what I just got in the mail?!?!?!? YES, she finally returned the log! Guess I should have tried writing this post sooner, maybe she would have mailed it sooner (no she doesn't have access to this site, it's just the whole karma thing)! Now to send it off to the next person and really stress that I NEED IT RETURNED WITHIN A WEEK.


Blogger None said...

Hell, if shes avoiding you, have someone else email her with an interesting subject line then in big red letters in the email write something about sending the fuckin book back already!

Man that shit is wacked! What a bunch of crap, I'd be royally pissed too!

1:46 PM, March 06, 2006  
Anonymous borderlinesavvy said...

Sid, this is not you, nor your luck, just some lazy fuck's indifference to life and others. You have gotten caught in the middle. It's not your fault. I agree about getting someone else to email her. I guess you don't have her phone number or you would have been calling.


Screw her, not yourself over this!

2:59 PM, March 06, 2006  
Blogger Joel said...

Does your friend have a history of depression? This bottomless pit of nonresponse could be a symptom of that.

As maddening as it may be, sometimes we need to forgive things like this. It can be so embarassing to have a thing sitting there to be done and not do it, not do it, not do it for weeks.

9:12 PM, March 06, 2006  

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