Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Moody teen day

Blogger is giving me problems tonight, so hopefully all this typing won't disappear into that mysterious cyberspace black hole once I hit "publish post". I hate when that happens.

Today was 'deal with moody teen' day. I hate when that happens too. She's usually an extreme joy to be around, but holy shit, do not piss this kid off!! Here's how the drama unfolded....

It all started with her being bussed (or is that bused? cuz neither looks right) first thing in the morning to one of the other Jr High schools in our district to practice for the annual orchestra music festival. She bitched about the girl she had to sit next to not having her music together and playing at a faster speed than everyone else. She also bitched about the "ho's" from one of the other schools that dress like they're prostitutes. She was also annoyed by the guest music director who kept talking incessantly about nothing.

Then she came back to her school and was given twice the homework they usually receive in social studies. Her teacher is a fucking dick, so it doesn't surprise me that the ass did that. More than half his class is in the orchestra so they weren't there for his class this morning. He was also very aware that the festival was tonight so that none of these kids would be home to do the homework.

Next came her reading class. They're working on a project of their choice, so her & a bunch of friends decided they were going to write a screen play, turning an innocent children's literature character into a serial killer, and make a movie of it. The assistant principal and her reading teacher allowed the five kids in her group to go to the auditorium alone and do some filming. Um hello? They know these kids are quite rowdy when they're all together & to leave them unsupervised? Even my daughter was wondering what they were thinking to have done that. But her bitching was about the others joking around too much so they only got 10 minutes of filming done.

After that came the homework from her math teacher. Usually she's the star student in the class and everyone comes to her for help, but I think due to her being so angry by the time she got to math, her last class of the day, she was having trouble figuring it out.

So, we get home after school and all I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch bitch. "I'll never get this done", "I don't understand this math, it's impossible to do", "I don't know what worksheet for social studies goes with which packet", "We're going to sound awful at the concert", etc.

Add to all this her genetics...she's as fucking stubborn as her father. No matter what I said to her it was the wrong thing & "I don't know what I'm talking about". OMG this kid was driving me crazy!! I understood she had a bad day, we all have them. I even understand about being so angry that you can't focus on anything else. But she kept coming to me, searching for the answer as to what she was going to do. If you're going to do that, accept the advice I'm going to give or stew in silence.

Both her father and her aunt called to talk to me and she answered the phone. First comment both made to me was "what the hell is wrong with her?" She had that bitchy tone in her voice and wouldn't talk to either of them. So I was honest, I said she had a bad day and now she's being a stubborn bitch about it. Ah the joys of parenting a teen.

Eventually I told her she was never going to get anywhere with her homework with the state of mind she was in. Said we should just head out early and stop for dinner before the concert. Give her a chance to clear her head so that she could come back afterwards and tackle her homework. Of course that worked. As soon as we left the house, she was fine. Back to her chatty, happy old self.

Can I just say that 1) I'm glad I only had one kid and 2) I'm happy that she only gets this way maybe once every couple of months. If she was like this all the time, we'd both probably be dead or she'd be living with her father.


Blogger the depressed nurse said...

How I feel your pain on this one! My 12 year old daughter has entered a phase that I can only say is INSANITY! She is moody and grumpy and you can't even talk to her without her going off on you. If it's any indication of what she's going to be like at 16 I think I need to put her up for adoption, I'm not going to be able to stand her!
Girls are difficult!!!

11:31 AM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger mizeeyore said...

i'm sorry but i had to laugh. your daughter sounds a lot like me when i'm pissed off...bitch bitch bitch...you've seen my rants LOL

i also feel your pain Sid. my daughter is 18 and when she's in one of her moods, i just leave her the hell alone. after awhile, she'll come out of her room smiling and talking.

remember i told you your daughter is a Capricorn? we are EXTREMELY moody and it dont take much to set us off, especially when it comes down to asinine, stupid shit.

hang in there Sid. you had one child. i had two, and at times it was cool and at times we all would be in a pissy mood and not talking to each other. it's even worse when ALL THREE OF US were on the rag at the same time...talk about Possible Murder Suspects LOL

dont worry. this too shall pass.

12:39 PM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

Just a suggestion, Sid. You might want to write your blog in a word processor, like Word, or Notepad, then copy and paste into Blogger. That way, you're less likely to lose your entry. Blogger does tend to act up sometimes.


2:33 PM, April 12, 2006  

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