Thursday, June 08, 2006

Home at last

So much pain, particular at the incision in my chest where they placed the device. Sometimes I can feel it moving inside me when I'm walking around. Feels as if though my body is trying to reject it because that spot seems to swell a bit more each day. The incision in my neck doesn't bother me at all, which I'm thankful for.

Found out I should have asked another question prior to surgery....will I be able to drive? Turns out it'll be a minimum of 2 weeks before they want me even thinking about getting behind the wheel. At this point I can't turn my head anyway without excrutiating pain so I won't even try. But if things improve before the 2 wks is up, I'll be driving.

I guess the surgery went as planned, but nothing afterwards did. They couldn't wake me up from the anesthesia and I was having breathing problems so they admitted me for observation. Plus I turned out to be allergic to the plastic wrap type tape they used to cover my wounds. As they tried to remove it, chunks of skin came off with it, which is adding to the pain. And just to insure the whole experience would be completely horrible, my monthly misery decided to show up as well. Ah, such wonderful luck I have.

Fortunately they gave me Tylenol #3, the wonderful stuff with the codeine in it. So I dope up every four hours, take about half an hour trying to find a position I can sleep in without going blind from the pain and pass out for a few hours. It's been nearly 4 hours now, so time to dope up again.


Blogger Dawn said...

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10:26 PM, June 08, 2006  
Blogger Maggs said...

whew! i was getting concerned. glad you're home. the pain sucks. but it'll get better. just dope yourself up for awhile. i thought i had experience pain till i had my c-section. nuh uh. in a week you'll feel great.

i hope this works...

10:28 PM, June 08, 2006  
Blogger Dawn said...

hey sid

glad you're home and thank you so much for updating us. i was thinking about you lots of the past few days. hoping your pain subsides soon. sending gentle hugs

11:34 PM, June 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got through it without complications. I'm sorry your in so much pain but it will get better. I really hope it works and helps you to feel better.

Hope your pain eases quickly, try to get plenty of rest o.k?
I'll see ya.

Take care of yourself,

2:21 AM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger Cinthia said...

Welcome back, Sid. Relieved to hear the surgery went well and you're on your way to recovery. I imagine you must be in excrutiating pain right now, but hopefully it won't be for too long. Hang in there!

Warm hugs,

11:12 AM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger James said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you. Yeah surgeries always seem to go well but the recovery is a bitch. That would be word to have something like that in my body. Is is weird to think about? Stay strong.

12:22 PM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger sansanity said...

Sid, glad you came thru it. now for the healing!

2:14 PM, June 10, 2006  
Blogger mizeeyore said...

hey Sid!

glad you made it thru the procedure. recovery can be taxing to say the least, but you came thru with flying colors!

as sans said, now it's time for healing *smile*

Hugs (((((((((Sid))))))))

4:43 PM, June 10, 2006  

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