Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wasted trip

Called my gyne, who happens to be on vacation, and he said I should probably just go on bed rest and the bleeding would hopefully stop within 24 to 48 hours, though he couldn't guarantee that. He also said that I could go to the ER if I was really worried but that there would probably be a long wait.

I opted to go to the ER for a number of reasons. Yes, I was panicked by the amount of blood I was losing and feeling dizzy because of it, but I was more concerned about the size and quantity of the clots I was passing and because I was in such severe pain. It literally felt like my body was trying to give birth to my uterus and nothing I was taking for the pain was helping. Plus there is a strong family history of women needing hysterectomies or emergency D & C's.

Turns out it was a wasted trip. They basically told me there's nothing they could do for me unless I had been pregnant, which makes no sense to me. I understand it would be a much more severe problem had I been pregnant, but isn't it severe just to be bleeding so heavily for no discernable reason??? They said that the only one who could help me was my gyne. When I told them he was on vacation and he said I could go to the ER if I was concerned, they basically rolled their eyes at me. Made me feel like a complete fucking idiot for coming in. Gee, I'm sorry, I don't know many women that wouldn't be worried if all of a sudden they're soaking a tampon AND a pad every 15 minutes and that's never happened to them before.

I was made to feel even more fucking stupid after returning from the ultrasound they reluctantly seemed to give me because while I was gone they moved someone else into the room I'd been in and tried to leave me sitting in the hallway next to the nurse's station. While I made sure I was covered, I sure as hell didn't feel comfortable knowing I was sitting there naked from the waist down bleeding all over. When I demanded my clothes, one of the nurses told me not to get dressed until the doctor had a chance to review the ultrasound. I shot back that he'd already told me prior to the ultrasound there was nothing he could really do for me, mentioned that I knew they weren't considering me worthy of medical attention because they'd already moved someone else into my room and therefore I was getting dressed whether anyone liked it or not.

They left me with prescriptions for the pain killers Darvocet and Anaprox, and a five day supply of Provera which they said might help stop the bleeding but that they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't start again once the pills were gone. But they also left me with a few other things....depression and guilt. Left me feeling I'd wasted their valuable time and resources. Only me. Only I would receive complete invalidation for doing something important like seeking out medical attention when I and others felt it was necessary.

Rest assured, I won't be visiting another emergency room or doctor unless I'm being taken there by ambulance. I'll be damned if I'm going to risk feeling this way again.


Blogger anna said...

Sid,as someone who works in an ER, you need to file a letter of complaint to the administration of that facility and the department head of the ER.

That is absolutely the WORST description of patient mistreatment I have ever heard of and should be reported.

That kind of attitude is bad to any patient, but to for a gyne. patient it's even worse, considering the delicate situation. To leave you in a gown in the hall!!! OMG!!

You should have named the facility on here and start a ban of the place!

As a nurse, I am soooo sorry you went through that. You have nothing to feel guilty about, they are the ones who should feel guilty and especially so if they were women themselves!!

Did they do blood work on you to determine if you were anemic? You may be losing so much blood that your H&H are dropping.

Please, please, write them a letter of complaint. I'd describe when I was there and who you dealt with so they are treated accordingly. And also, please take good care of yourself. I'm sorry you've been sick. Maybe this new year will bring health and better things. :)


9:45 AM, December 31, 2006  
Blogger Dawn said...

i'm sorry sid. that same thing happend to my friend when she went to the er and told her the same thing as well. hopefully, you'll be able to get into yout DR. soon to get this all figured out.

well, hope you have a good new year and are feeling better.

take care,

1:35 PM, December 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made a reference to coming in by ambulance. You shouldn't have been treated the way you were but sometimes it is better to call 911 and let an ambulance take you. That will get you in and the paramedics can evaluate you on the way. Also every ER should have a patient advocate. Once you start getting talked down to, advise the person talking to you you want to speak to the patient advocate. No, you are not the only one treated like this. People have died waiting for attention. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to impress the doctor with how severe your symptoms are so you won't be one of them. ER's are getting overwhelmed now. That is no excuse though. Also your OB/GYN should have someone on-call for emergencies. Good luck to you.

8:23 PM, January 04, 2007  

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