Sunday, May 27, 2007

Video of the week - Alkaline Trio

For this week's video, I chose Alkaline Trio because I think they're a great band, but yet not many people have ever heard of them. They seem to be relatively unknown in the US, even amongst fans of their particular genre of music. Maybe it's because the few songs they've released as singles and/or made videos for are not the best examples of their talents, at least in my opinion.

They're from the Chicago area and the bassist/vocalist Dan Andriano grew up in the town my daughter's high school is in. While he attended a catholic high school in the area, many people from my daughter's school still know him and his family. Even some of the teachers do. The kiddie gets pissed off each time she wears her Alkaline Trio t-shirt to school cuz it seems like someone new comes up to her each time and tells her they know Dan or someone in his family. Her response is always "So when are you going to introduce me?"

The last cd release from them came out earlier this year. It's called Remains and consists of B-sides and other rare songs they've recorded, plus a couple of live songs. One of the songs is a remake of "The Metro", a song originally released in the early 80's by the band Berlin which really takes me back in time. Rumor has it that they are in the studio putting together a cd of new material, but so far I've found nothing to confirm that. I know the last record label they were with basically fell apart and I'm not sure they've signed on with a new one yet.

They are going to be touring this summer, doing a portion of the Warped Tour. Their first date playing that festival happens to be the Chicago show, which is the main reason I'm even going to it. They put on an amazing live show and we try to see them every time they play somewhere in Chicago. Unfortunately the last time they played was this past New Year's Eve and it was a 21 & over show. Boy was the kiddie quite pissed about that. I should have gone just to piss her off even more!


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