Thursday, September 20, 2007

A long overdue FOAD

It's been awhile since I've participated in doing a FOAD post, so I decided now was a good time to do one. This has been bothering me for awhile and I know I mentioned it briefly in the past, but here goes...

FUCK OFF & DIE to MySpace!

While I'm really liking the fact that I can keep up to date with all the bands I love and get to learn about new ones through MySpace, everything else about their site sucks major ass.

Why must they make it so damn difficult to design your own page? Why won't they allow you the option of either using their layout tools or just creating your own page from scratch, like Blogger does. MySpace doesn't prevent you from producing a page with a different layout, but if you're not an html expert, it's not easy to reconfigure the page because of the unnecessary parameters they force you to work within. There's no need to make things that hard.

Why can anyone anywhere on the internet view my profile, blog and all my friends, yet you need to have your own MySpace account and log in before you can view my pictures and my calendar? I'm using the public settings for those two sections as well, so why are they not as public as the rest of my page? That's fubar and makes NO sense at all.

Why do you need to know html just to send a picture or include a click-able link through their mail system?

Why is it that half the time I don't receive that little notification that lets me know I have new mail in my inbox?

I have plenty of other complaints regarding the ability, or rather lack of, to search blogs more effeciently. But the criticisms I have on that issue are far too numerous to go into here.

MySpace seriously needs to overhaul their site or at least make some major changes. Have they not every heard of the term "user friendly"???


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