Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featured video - MxPx

Since I'm still in a crappy mood and not feeling well in general, I'm just going to update the video on my page. That doesn't require any thought, nor does it require rummaging through the emotional baggage I'm afraid to unload at the moment.

I decided to go with a video from MxPx, cuz we're going to be seeing them in concert in about a week and a half. We've already seen them multiple times, but we're still really looking forward to this particular show because...1) they are great live, and 2) we know the guys that will be opening for them. Plus we're hoping to meet them yet again (we already have twice) cuz they are some of the coolest guys out there. No ego tripping for these three.

They've been around for about 16 years, forming the year my daughter was born, 1992, in Bremerton, Washington. Considering how long they've been together and the number of albums they've released, I'm always surprised that they are not more well known then they are. They come to Chicago quite often and I think this will be our 6th time catching them live. Sometimes they are the headliner, other times they are the opening act. Seems as if they don't care if they get top billing, as long as they get to do what they apparently music.

The video I chose is from their last cd, Secret Weapon; and I selected it for the sheer irony of the lyrics. The song is about being with and staying connected to those around you in real life rather than living via all the electronic devices out there. You know, like the computer that I'm typing this blog post on.