Monday, July 14, 2008

Which will prove uglier

As I logged on to my blog today, I realized it was July. Of course I was already aware of the month on the calendar, it is hanging right next to my computer after all, but it wasn't until just now that I remembered the significant connection July has to my blog. Wednesday will be the fourth anniversary of The Mass Defective's debut in cyberspace. It also marks another milestone, but I'll wait until Wednesday to reveal what that is.

If I could chose only one word to describe my time spent here blogging, it would be ambivalent. I vacillate between thinking this has been a helpful experience, not only to myself but perhaps to others; and then to believing I've carved out my own piece of hell that I don't even want to spend time in so why would anyone else.

As I scrolled through some of my past posts, I thought about all the words still hidden from view, the ones captured on paper that have yet to be seen by any eyes but my own. At first I wondered if I should add them here. Type them up and adjust the date to reflect the past when they were written. How far back in time would Blogger allow me to go? Could I go back to the early 90's or even the 80's?

Then I thought, why not just make a new blog. Cuz, yanno, that's just what I need...more stuff to add to the laundry list of stuff that already never gets done. So yeah, that's exactly what I went ahead and did. Not only have people been given the opportunity to follow my fucked up life as it happens, they'll also now be able to get a glimpse at the fucked up life I lived prior to that point. The new blog can be found here...

Blog Not Currently Available...see update below.

I'm not sure which will prove uglier...the past or the present.

*Update: I decided to delete the posts in the other blog and make it inaccessible to others for the time being. I still have the url available to me should I decide to utilize it, but for now, that's not going to happen.