Saturday, October 09, 2004

Order Good Charlotte tickets

Ordered our tickets for the Good Charlotte show in Chicago today. The kidlet is beyond excited. We're also going to see them in Milwaukee too, for which I need to make hotel reservations. There's no way I'm driving back from Milwaukee at 11 pm or later. It's just easier to stay the night and come back in the morning.

I'd love to get tickets to see Green Day & New Found Glory, but that show falls the day inbetween the Good Charlotte shows. I can't justify keeping the kiddie out of school for three days in a row just to go see some concerts. I have no problem letting her miss two days for Good Charlotte because they are her favorite band. If she wasn't doing so well in school, I wouldn't take her. So this'll be a nice reward for her being such an excellent student.

Other than still being mad at the ex, things have been going ok. Kept pretty busy the last few days. Washed & waxed the car, cleaned the house, went furniture shopping. Trying to give myself credit for doing so much like Ms. S said to do, but it's so hard. I look at what I did as things that just needed to be done. My car was beyond filthy and so was the house. We also desperately need at least a new couch because the stuff my parents have in the basement is about 20 years old and falling apart.

Tomorrow they're coming to install the cable internet. Finally talked my parents into joining the 21st century. Of course the kiddie always being on the phone probably helped persuade them too. Think mom will enjoy it once she starts using it. It'll be faster to work on all her genealogy stuff she does on the net.

I feel very guilty for being here. I know my parents want to sell the house and retire out of state, but they're staying here because I have no where else to go. Feel like we're taking over their house and forcing them to put their own lives on hold. Not a day goes by where I don't feel overwhelming guilt over the whole situation. Poor stupid Sid couldn't make it out in the big bad world and had to go home to mom & dad. I feel like a complete failure.


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