Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Thought it was Friday already..damn

Woke up today and for some reason thought it was already Friday. What a disappointment it was to discover it's only Tuesday. Still have the whole damn boring week ahead of me. Shoot me now because I've already had enough misery this week.

My therapy session went pretty well last night, probably the best one I've ever had over the years. We actually discussed quite a bit. I have a feeling Ms. S suspects I have OCD and was trying to ascertain whether that diagnosis applied because of the questions she was asking. She never came out and said I had it though. Think she knows I can't handle any more labels, whether they fit or not.

I did agree to see the transitional therapist again while she's on leave. It was easy to agree to yesterday since that session went so well. The real test comes next week. I haven't had the feelings of abandonment yet, but when Ms. S tells me to take care of myself and she'll see me when she returns, those feelings are going to come on strong.

Actually had to ground the kidlet last night. First time that's happened in quite a while. She's usually very well behaved. She wants to have a New Year's Eve party here with her friends so I made her ask her grandparents since this is their house. They said yes but she could only invite 8 people. She didn't like that answer so she got completely out of line and went off on them. When I made her apologize, she did it in an incredibly sarcastic voice. I was stunned that she acted this way.

I ended up talking with her for a long time. Helped her see the error in her outburst and why she went about the whole situation the wrong way. Told her that the attitude she puts out is what she's going to get back in return, and that is exactly what happened. She went off on them and then her grandpa went off on her. I told her that she needs to listen to what people are really saying and try not to let her emotions take over when she thinks she isn't getting the answer she wants. They did said yes to her party, even though they did place a limit on the number of guests. They could easily have said no. I pointed out to her that in most situations, people are open to compromise if you just approach the problem correctly.

So I helped her come to a compromise I thought may work. Told her she should put her list of guests together and see how many people are on it. If it isn't much more than 8, she should then take the list to her grandparents and ask if she could invite this many, knowing that not everyone will be able to come. I did warn her that based on her outburst, they may very well say no to a compromise, but that she should at least try.

Think I did a good job helping her sort through her emotions and showing her the right way to approach a situation where she wants something from someone else. She did admit in the end she was wrong. She said that learning lessons by making mistakes was no fun, especially when she ends up being grounded. Told her that's just life sometimes and everyone goes through it, but the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes.

I'm just glad that I can teach her things like this, even though it was never taught to me. Even told the kidlet that my parents never helped me learn from my mistakes. If I made a mistake, I was made to feel like an idiot...a worthless piece of shit that couldn't do anything right. Probably a contributing factor in why I have so many problems now.


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