Friday, October 15, 2004

Thinking about going to college

So I've been thinking about going to college. Odd thought for me because I couldn't wait to get out of school. Never had a clue what to do with my life so I never went to college. Just graduated high school and headed out into the working world. Did pretty damn well for not having a degree. Most I made in a year was 40K...wonder what I could do with that piece of paper from a college.

Anyway, I've been thinking all day about getting a degree in child psychology. Not even sure how I latched on to that thought. Normally everything is so fleeting inside my head I'm not able to focus on anything. But this has stuck with me. It's probably just a delusional idea, I seem to get those a lot, though this is one I'd really like to see if I could pursue...if I can get myself better.

I've always had a good rapport with kids, even though until I had my own, I really didn't like kids. I remember when I'd pick my daughter up early from day care, all the kids would flock to me and ask me to read them a story. Then they'd all struggle for a spot on my lap while I read it. My daughter's friends have always loved coming over to our house and even spending time with me. At times it'll get annoying when they're all over and I'm trying to do stuff, so I'll ask why they're always at our house. But I really don't mind. The kiddie does a good job in choosing friends and there has only been one I didn't like. But I let her decide for herself and eventually she saw on her own that the girl wasn't friend material for her.

Guess the reason the kids like coming over is because I listen to them and treat them with respect. I don't look down on them or disregard their opinions and ideas simply because of their age, something I see a lot of parents do. I'm good at guiding them through all the different situations they get into and ask me for advice on. I can point out the good & bad in any situation and work with them to choose the right path without them feeling pressured or manipulated. Think they enjoy having an adult that will really listen to them.

Which is why I think child psychology would be a good field for me to go into. I listen well to kids and understand the problems they face. I've been through most of it myself, I know all the wrong things to do so I can help guide them to do the right things. I'd also like to be able to help kids at an early age, so they don't have to suffer through all the years of pain that I have. Maybe focus my attention on 10-16 year olds, because even though most of the abuse I suffered was between the ages of 4 and 12, I think the 6 years between 10 & 16 were the most difficult and the most crucial in how I turned out.

But like I said before, this is probably just a delusion. Don't know if I can get myself well enough to take on such a lofty goal.


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