Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sent last post to some friends

Sent my last post to a couple of online friends I've known for years. One sent an email back saying "I hate......long emails". I think he was joking, but who knows. Told him I couldn't help being a chatty drunk and that it probably would have been a lot longer but I needed to get to bed.

Me & the old man went to the closer public aid office. Had to bring a support person with this time for fear of what they might tell me. I explained the whole situation with the other office and that I didn't want to have to travel all the way out to the other one again considering I've done everything I was supposed to. They said they'd have the administrator of their office send an email to the administrator of the other office to see if they could get all my info faxed over.

Seems kind of odd that they don't have access to those files on their computer. It's all the same government office, just different locations. When I go to get my driver's license renewed...I don't have to go to the same one all the time. I don't know, it all just seemed odd to me.

They did tell me to contact the other office though since they are the ones with all my info. So I left a voice mail message for my caseworker's supervisor, even managed to stay calm and not swear at all. I know these people are busy and probably handle a lot of cases, but come on...I called in April to have mine transferred and it's now 7 months later. I hate people that can't do their job.

I made a few other calls today that I'd been putting off. Finally called the kiddie's school about her free lunches. Figured she wouldn't still get them because with the SSD we no longer qualify for food stamps. They said that state law now says that once you're approved for the free lunches, you're approved for the whole school year, regardless if your food stamp benefit changes. Kind of a silly rule, since it's costing the state money, but I'm not gonna argue because it's a rule in my favor.


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