Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Getting sicker

Oh joy, not only do I have the flu, I've also got laryngitis now as well. Everyone's still telling me to go to the doctor, but even if I wanted to, I have no way to pay to go. My Medicaid is still fucked up.

The local office did finally receive my file, but because they received it closed from the other office, they couldn't reopen it. Ended up having to submit a new application and they said it would probably take 2 wks to get it processed. I have a feeling it won't be processed at all because I don't think anyone over there knows what the fuck is going on. Every person I was told I needed to talk to had no clue why I was being told I needed to talk to them, that it wasn't their job and my paperwork should not be forwarded to them to be processed. So I'm assuming my stuff is either sitting in a stack of papers somewhere that no one is going to do anything with, or it's still being passed around the office.

The last person I talked to said by law they had to process my application in 2 wks, though she had no clue where the paperwork was even though I was told it had been sent to her to handle. She said I should check back and see if it was done. I'm sure I get no recourse whatsoever if they fail to meet that deadline...just get screwed even more than they've already screwed me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you are sick. That surely doesn't help to elevate the mood any. I used to read your blog and wonder if you were planning on "ending it", why you hadn't just done it. However, I am now in your position. I have made a final, solid decision. I do know that there are things to take care of first, so I will do that. But, my day is set.
Just know,that it sucks, but at least one person understands you.
Shannin (wiggywigs.blog-city.com)

2:19 PM, December 08, 2004  

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