Sunday, April 10, 2005

Prayer was answered!

My prayers have been answered. Hershey's now has a mixed bag of candy that includes Reese's, Kisses and Rolos...YAY!!! Not sure if it's been available prior to this anywhere else in the country, but yesterday was the first time I've ever noticed the bag being sold around here. Being the chocoholic that I am, if any store I go to had carried it sooner, I'd have noticed.

Today was a blah day. Didn't sleep all day because I feel like I'm wired. I could probably run a 10K race and not be tired, that's how hyped up I feel. To help work off some of this energy I've done laundry, cleaned up my desk a little and rode the glider exercise thingy the old people own. I also managed to write some more I Hates. I have to remember to write things down. I come across stuff I hate daily but when I sit down to post on my blog I can never think of anything.

The kiddie's home from being out with her dad and I need to talk to him. Guess I'll write more later about how that all goes.


Blogger borderline savvy said...

Hi, Sid. Sorry you have to talk to your ex. How is your daughter when she comes home from his house? My son was always hyperactive when he came home from his father's house. But then he has ADD, and his father didn't believe in medicating him for it. Water under the bridge.

So what do you attribute all your energy to? I could use some. And I did not need to know (be tempted by) Reese's, Kisses, and Rolos. :)

Do write more about talking to your ex. I know it helps to get it out.
Take GOOD care of yourself!

11:56 PM, April 10, 2005  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

hi Sid

Thinking of ya.

P. Bear

8:15 PM, April 11, 2005  

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