Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stuff to get done

Because I've lost track of so much time, I have a shitload of stuff to get done. Trying not to think about it much because I'll just get overwhelmed if I do and not do any of it. I've started making out my Target shopping list but instead of obsessively going room to room looking in all the drawers and cabinets to figure out what I need I decided I'd try and just write things down as I come across them. Maybe being a little blase about it will help keep me calmer.

Later today when I get up, I'm going to shower and then set to work on putting a "to do" list together. There are already 3 things I want to accomplish today, so I'll start with those and go from there. I got most of the laundry done yesterday so at least that's out of the way. But there's still the cleaning, shredding of a stack of papers, fundraiser stuff, organize the calendar for June, phone calls I need to make, etc. I should also make time to finish working on my website which I haven't worked on for about a month, but that certainly isn't a priority.

I really need to figure out some more ways to raise funds for the walk. I should be getting another $380 added to my total this week, which will put me at $945. Only have to raise another $55 to participate in the walk. My mind keeps telling me that isn't good enough though. That I can't just meet the minimum, I have to exceed it. Supposedly I have at least 7 more people that have promised donations. I hope they come thru, even if it's only $5 a person.

Only 4 more days of school. I told the kiddie she's going to have chores every day that she has to get done BEFORE she goes anywhere. In return, I'll continue to give her the $10 a week I've paid her thru the school year. I've told her that they won't be major tasks, I'm certainly not going to force her to do laundry, but that she isn't getting a free ride this summer. The main thing I want her to do each day is make sure her stuff is put away and isn't left laying all over the house. On top of that I'll add one or two smaller tasks. Now that she doesn't have school to deal with, I have no problems expecting more household responsibility out of her. Now if I could just convince myself I'm not being mean to her by having that expectation, things would be great. Oy vey!


Blogger Polar Bear said...

I don't think it's mean to expect your daughter to do some hosuehold chores, Sid.

I think you're a great mom and doing a wonderful job. Having household chores will help your daughter have a sense of responsibility. It's good for her. And for you too.

Take good care.
Polar Bear

1:52 AM, June 01, 2005  

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