Thursday, December 08, 2005

Surprise of a day

Today went surprisingly well, til of course my pdoc didn't return my call. I'll see if he calls by noon tomorrow, otherwise I guess I'll have to call him again. Pisses me off to no end when people don't return calls. It really fucking does.

Anyway, I wasn't too nervous today about meeting Princess. I had expected to be very anxious and downing Valium like candy, but that didn't happen. I'd gotten there early, and didn't see anyone in the coffee shop, so I did a bit of Christmas shopping for the kiddie since she put like 25 books on her list. As it neared 11 am, I headed over to the coffee area and Princess was there waiting. She's incredibly sweet and so pretty (that pic on your profile doesn't show just how beautiful you are and how much your face lights up when you smile)! Should I mention petite too??

I'm glad we met. It was so nice to talk with her. I was a bit nervous sitting there, unsure really what to say since it's been about 5 months since I've met anyone new and that time there was a crowd of us so I didn't have to do much talking, so I'm sorry if I was babbling!

I always wonder after meeting people what they truly think of me. I suppose most people have that thought though. Did I make a good impression? Are they going to want to talk to me again? Did I talk too much about myself and not ask enough about the other person? Just how ugly and fat do they think I am? Typical lack of self-esteem thoughts.

After Princess left, I did some more shopping for the kiddie. I ended up spending about $95 total. I did join the Barnes & Noble club thing for $25 and bought myself a sort of day planner so only $63 of the total was gifts for the kid. My daughter, the ex and I do a lot of shopping there, so saving 10% off each purchase will add up nicely. Plus they even give you 10% off coffee drinks, kewl bonus.

Then I did some running around and bought all the gifts I needed to for my three nieces & one nephew that live in state. My sis in Michigan isn't coming down, so I don't need to worry about presents for her kids til after January. Even got the presents wrapped.

Tomorrow I have to return a few things to stores. I'd bought a brush at Ulta for the kiddie, but it's for long hair & since she got hers all chopped off we don't need it. That'll be $15 back. Then I have to return the pajama bottoms I bought for myself. Should have tried them on. I need bottoms that are long because I have long legs and these were just too short. I know they make jeans in a long size cuz that's all I've bought since I was 14, but somehow I'm doubting they do for pajamas. I'll just try on other kinds they have there and hopefully find some that are long enough. Otherwise I'll just take the $25 I spent back. I'm running low on money anyway.

Off to play games on yahooooooooooooo. It'll be hours before I'm able to pass out, if I do at all. Gawd I hope I can reach that bastard pdoc tomorrow!


Blogger marie said...

Sid, glad things went well for you and Princess. I hope you two keep in touch. Don't trip about shopping. Christmas is always a very busy time, lots of stress.

I am glad to report that I will not be spending any money because I don't have it. HeHe!

Take care

1:21 AM, December 09, 2005  
Blogger BipolarPrincess said...

Sid-I had a great time and I'm really glad we met! I asked the same questions in my head, so I guess we are both too preoccupied to make negative opinions of each other! Can't wait to see you again and I'm serious about a field trip to meet Mizeeyore!

:* Princess

8:33 AM, December 09, 2005  
Blogger Shannin said...

I am so glad you got out and met someone... I am a bit jealous though! hehe
Blither and I asked ourselves those same questions after meeting... except we asked them outloud because we are psychotic and paranoid! ;) I think they are normal thoughts when meeting someone new.
I hope you gain a new friend. It is so wonderful to actually have a friend, as I have learned now that I actually have a real live one!
take care of you!

2:26 PM, December 09, 2005  

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