Saturday, December 03, 2005

Crazy day

What a crazy, busy day today has been. I've been going since I woke up this morning at 7 am. Didn't get up that early cuz I wanted to, the kiddie had her final exam she needed to take in order to be considered for the gifted academy she wants to get into for high school. She said the test was easy, but that she doesn't think she'll get in because all but four kids from the super smart classes at her jr high were there. I told her not to worry. She should be in the super smart classes and everyone tells her that. She just didn't qualify because her grades had suffered when her dad & I split. I think she'll get into the academy. She's aced all the criteria they use to determine placement.

So after stopping at MickeyD's for some breakfast, I dropped her off at 8:45 am at the high school and came home for a bit, then picked her up at 10:45 am. Then she and a friend decide they want to get their hair cut. Her friend suggested Great Clips or some other cheap ass place, but I said no and called the salon we've been going to. Luckily they had appointments available. We picked up her friend, went to lunch and then to the salon. Both of them went short. Decided the long hair was too much of a pain and cut it all off. My daughter's hair looks amazing. Once I get the cam up & running, I'm gonna take a picture and do a before & after thing. She looks older, which probably isn't a good thing considering she's only 13, but she looks even more beautiful with this cut. Her face was completely lit up the whole time she was getting her locks chopped off. She was really excited and is more than satisfied with the results.

Since I ended up agreeing to have both of the girls get their hair styled after being cut, which adds an extra $15 onto the cost, I paid for both girls. I figured since her friend had only been given permission to spend $23 for the cut and it was more, that I should pay. I thought it'd be good to have them get it styled so they would know how to do it at home. I'm so nice sometimes, even when I can't afford it.

Afterwards we took her friend home, I dropped my daughter off at our house and headed out to the Guitar Center to buy her Christmas present. Ended up getting a nice Epiphone acoustic guitar package and a guitar stand for $165 with tax. After paying for that I then see the sheet music books. Ended up getting her the sheet music for Green Day's American Idiot and Dookie cd's and also Blink 182's self-titled cd....another $65. I think for now I'm done with her xmas shopping. I'd already gotten her two dvd's as well. Think I'll shop for all my nieces & nephews and parents now before I spend any more money on my kiddie.

After that, I came home in time to drive the kiddie to another friend's house and then headed out to my sister's house so I could stash the guitar and stuff there. Stayed there for about an hour & a half before leaving to pick the kiddie up. Came home and started the laundry since we won't be home most of tomorrow.

I'm so ready to pass out it's not even funny. Thinking about taking some Nyquil cuz I think I really am getting the flu. Every other day I feel sicker and with not getting much sleep last night, I feel really bad today.

I don't get any rest tonight either. Tomorrow I gotta be up at 9:30 am to get ready to go see a play downtown that my oldest brother is in. My sister & I are thinking of an excuse not to go with our parents, cuz my dad can't drive for shit. He goes slow, brakes way too hard and is so busy gazing out the side window it's a wonder he hasn't had an accident. Ugh. Think I'll head off and try to get some sleep before I pass out at this dang computer.


Blogger marie said...

Glad to see you had a productive day. The holidays can be one big roller coaster ride. Please take care. Have fun on Sunday.

2:23 AM, December 04, 2005  
Blogger Polar Bear said...

You're a good mom, Sid.

It sure sounds like a busy and full day for you. I hope things will continue to be steady, even though I know you are freaking out about not having seroquel left in a few days.

Hang in there,...

1:43 PM, December 04, 2005  

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