Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Another day in bed

Another day spent in bed. Got up to drive the kidlet to school and then climbed back into bed as soon as I got home. Don't have the energy for much else. Still nauseous as all hell. Still in pain. My girlfriend told me I should talk to my pdoc immediately, but I'm still going to just wait until Friday. Don't think 2 more days of suffering is going to make a difference. Besides, it's just another way to self torture...suffer bitch suffer, you deserve it.

Did pull some energy outta my ass and took my daughter to the mall tonight. She did the typical "teen" thing today. She has a skating party tomorrow, so she came home, pulled all her clothes out and then declared she had nothing to wear. I asked what all the clothes strewn about the room were, but she said none of them were the right thing to wear. Being the nice mom that I am, we went out shopping. $200 later, we had 2 shirts, 1 skirt and 2 pairs of boots. Damn the money went fast, but the one outfit is very kewl. I'd have worn it myself back when I was a skinny mini.

I did spend $2 on myself. I found a sticker that I just had to have. It says "oh crap, you're gonna try and cheer me up, aren't you?" I thought it was fitting. I'll put it up next to my "heavily medicated for your safety" sticker.

We really need to stop shopping so much. Every time we go out to just buy one thing we end up spending hundreds. Of course it's been so long since we really had any money to spend that neither of us had much in the way of clothes, so it's not like we're buying things we don't need...err, lemme rephrase that...we're not buying too many things we don't need. There have been a couple of shoe purchases that we could have put off. But for the most part, we are buying clothes that each of us desperately needed.

It's amazing to look at my daughter and see how much she's grown. Seems like one day she was still just a little girl and I could carry her to bed when she fell asleep on the couch. Now she's almost as tall as me, is only a half size away from wearing the same shoe size and there's no way I can lift her anymore And she's only 12!! She keeps sprouting and she'll end up taller than me.


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