Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I'm beyond angry and will definitely be cutting the fuck out of my arms later. Got a call today, one that I knew was coming, but yet still hoped wouldn't. Just as I thought all along, my therapist isn't returning from medical leave. The bitch is just gone. I'm furious over the whole fucking situation. Furious at the clinic for dumping me on someone they knew was leaving. Furious at the clinic for keeping me in the fucking dark about the whole situation. Furious at myself for continuing to listen to all these mother fuckers that keep telling me help is out there. Furious at myself for not just accepting that my life is fucked up, always has been and always will be. Furious at myself for still fucking being alive.


Blogger Polar Bear said...

I'm sorry, Sid. That really really sucks. I would also be furious. You have every reason to be angry. It's particularly difficult for us to cope with people leaving, and for them to put that on you like that is just not fair.

I don't know what to suggest. Maybe try to look for someone else (another refferal to someone who is there and can immediately have an appt with you). I know it's hard to go through all that again. But if you were to find someone who can really help you, someone you can click with, then it would be worth it. But you gotta try.

8:45 PM, February 02, 2005  

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