Sunday, August 07, 2005

Why does she even care?

I was just mulling over something involving the ex and it's bothering me. He told me yesterday that the woman he's sharing the house with, the one he left me for, found out that I was the one who picked him up from the hospital following his surgery and flipped out. She's demanding that he move out asap. What I can't figure out is why should she even care when he told me that they haven't been a couple since he moved in with her over a year ago.

She's very possessive and apparently couldn't handle the fact that he and I dealt with each other in a positive manner for the sake of our daughter. She'd get upset if she found out he had talked to me; I'm guessing out of jealousy that her own exhubby is an ass and has little involvement with their kids or her. Since she was getting so upset when he told her about talking to me, he started lying to her about it. When she found out, she broke it off with him but because they'd gotten into this house deal he stayed living with her, sleeping in the basement.

So anyway, he lied again about who was picking him up from the hospital. Told her it would be one of the guys from his office so she wouldn't know it was me. Somehow, either by calling his office or the hospital, she got and I quote "verbal confirmation" that I was the one who picked him up. So she freaked out and sent him an email telling him he had to move out.

None of it adds up though unless she's a complete loon, which is possible. He told me he was lying to her because he has no place else to live and was worried that she would throw him out if she found out, which is what happened anyway. But it doesn't make sense that she would take the time to call the hospital or his office to check up on him if they were no longer together as a couple. From what he's said, they really weren't even on friendly terms either so I'm not going to buy the 'she cared about his welfare as a friend' theory.

So now I'm left wondering...has he been lying to both of us? Or is my paranoia running amok again. Suppose I could ask him when she sent this email and ask why she didn't just say it to his face, though I'm hoping the latter is because she didn't want to make a scene in front of her kids.

He hasn't asked to live with me. In fact I tested him by asking if he'd thought more about our trying to reconcile and if it's something we should continue to work on. He said he would like to proceed with it, but slowly. Said he wants to be on his own for awhile and have us just dating & keeping the lines of communication open.

So I don't know maybe she is just a loon and I'm paranoid. :::shrug:::


Blogger The Seriously Ill said...

This nutcase sounds like my ex-Bitch. The Bitch once got jealous because I told her that my bank Pin was part of a telephone number that my ex-wife (who is a sweetheart) and I had like 15 years earlier. She was mad because the number had a connection, no matter how tenuous to my ex. The Bitch said she was a rape victim at the hands of her cousin. I think that there was also sexual abuse at the hands of her father. She was black and nver ever had a relationship with a black man and very few black aquantances at all. In short, she hated her race, and I think it was a result of her father abusing her. We also quit sleeping together while we lived together, and she dated other men when we were together. She so immasculated me and belittled me that I allowed the abuse to continue. I completely understand abused women after the abuse I suffered at the hands of the Bitch.

4:21 PM, August 11, 2005  

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