Monday, July 24, 2006

Guess I'm done

I've tweaked about as much as I can without completely changing everything, which is what I SOOOOO want to do. I moved most of the description from the header into my profile. Figured no one really gives a crap and if they do, then they can go look. I like the "screwing up life since 1967" line. I have no idea how I thought of it, but it came to me last night. I'm sure my T would disagree that I've been screwing things up since birth, but she's entitled to her opinion. She hasn't lived my life, so she hasn't a clue how far back my troubles really go.

I used the same program to create my new header that I used for the icon I created previously. Pretty interesting, has lots of ways to edit pictures. Not sure where it even came from, but I know the kiddie has used it many times for school projects.

Today I had to take the kiddie to a doctor appointment. Afterwards we went out to lunch and had a great time. Just talked about everything and anything. I miss spending that quality time with just the two of us. We haven't spent a lot of time together this summer with me recuperating from surgeries and the added burden of my depression acting up.

Tomorrow I see my T again. I still need to come up with a plan for what the hell I'm going to do. Am I going to still see her? If so, how the hell are we going to go about finding a topic to discuss each session? I've been chatting with someone via email (thanks for your advice & all, I do appreciate it), and they mentioned finding a new T. As difficult as that may be to stomach the thought of switching, I think it might have to be a future course of action. I've added that to my "to do" list, so hopefully at some point I'll at least take a look into the possibility.


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