Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Rest while I can

Not sure what's wrong, but I have felt so incredibly sick the last week that it's been difficult to climb out of bed to do even the simplest of things, like go to the bathroom. Had a major headache that lasted four days straight and since then I've been extremely fatigued, with milder headaches reoccurring throughout the day and night, and I've had a runny nose.

I did force myself out of bed on Sunday to attend the wedding of my best friend's daughter. It was a small affair at a quaint little church in a picturesque town about 2 & a half hours from Chicago. I wasn't too thrilled to be going alone, after my daughter bailed to go on her trip to Florida, but my sister was also busy and I had no one else to ask. I did manage to have a nice time though and only needed two Ativan to keep my nerves in check.

Tomorrow I have to force myself out of bed again because I made plans awhile ago to attend the annual Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby with my sister. We try to go every year (here are pics I posted from the 2007 event) and since my sis has to take off work in order to go, I can't bring myself to tell her I'm really not feeling well. Plus this year my daughter's boyfriend's mom & little sister will be joining us. Hopefully once I get up and moving I'll be okay like I was at the wedding.

For now, I think I'm going to climb back into bed and rest while I can.


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